1.2SBM Offshore and its Global Presence

SBM Offshore provides floating production solutions to the offshore energy industry, over the full product lifecycle. The Company is market-leading in leased floating production systems, with multiple units currently in operation worldwide, and has a unique breadth of operational experience in this field.

Operating Structure

The Company’s main activities are the design, supply, installation, operation and life extension of Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels. These are either owned and operated by SBM Offshore and leased to its clients on a long or short-term basis or supplied on a Turnkey-sale basis. Other products include semi-submersibles, Tension Leg Platforms (TLP), Floating Liquidified Natural Gas (FLNG), Turret Mooring Systems (TMS), brownfield, offshore offloading terminals. Additionally, as part of SBM Offshore's commitment to supporting the energy transition, the Company has been leveraging its floating offshore expertise to develop solutions for renewable energy. At year-end, the Company operated a fleet of 14 FPSOs and one semi-submersible in operation worldwide and over 330 cumulative contract years of operational experience.

With its corporate seat in Amsterdam, SBM Offshore employs approximately 4,450 people worldwide, including Joint Ventures (JV) but excluding contractors, who are spread over offices in key markets, operational shore bases, and the offshore fleet of vessels.